The Greatest Insanity Yet! GMT For Free!

The Horror Mall is giving away FREE copies of the hardcover edition of Gleefully Macabre Tales with a $50 purchase of any in-stock books or movies. I know, I know–it’s crazy! 

Now, this offer applies only to in-stock items, so it doesn’t work with Benjamin’s Parasite or The Severed Nose, but if you don’t already have, say,Suckers or Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) or Single White Psychopath Seeks Same or Waiting For October or Bits of the Dead or a few others, this is your chance!

Of course, you can buy books by other authors, too. Or movies. 

There can’t be more than a few copies of the Gleefully Macabre Tales hardcover left, so don’t lollygag!

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