New Anthologies, Part VII: Splatterpunk

Okay, not really an anthology, but it’s the premiere issue of a very cool ‘zine called Splatterpunk. Old school, baby! Contains my mean little story “Confession.”

Learn about it and order your copy RIGHT HERE.

New Anthologies, Part VI: Horror For Good

All profits from Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology are going to amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. It includes my story “The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad,” as well as stories by Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, F. Paul Wilson, Joe R. Lansdale, Lee Thomas, Ray Garton, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Nate Southard, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Laird Barron, Wrath James White, Lorne Dixon, Gary McMahon, Norman L. Rubenstein, Steven W. Booth, and Monica O’Rourke.

Edited by RJ Cavender, Mark Scioneaux, and Robert S. Wilson and published by Cutting Block Press. Get it RIGHT HERE.


New Anthologies, Part V: World Horror Convention 2012 Souvenir Book

Okay, this one’s a bit of a cheat, because you can’t actually order it; it was just given to attendees of the 2012 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. But this book, designed by Bailey Hunter, does include a brand-new short story by me called “The Carver,” so keep watching eBay, completists!

Sure, I could fix the picture below so that the book is right-side-up, but then what motivation would you have to attend future World Horror Conventions? If you want to see the souvenir book without tilting your head at a 90-degree angle, well, dammit, you need to get to WHC!

New Anthologies, Part IV: A Feast of Frights

A Feast of Frights is a collection of stories from the monthly webzine The Horror Zine, edited by Jeani Rector. It contains one of my strangest stories, “The Story of My First Kiss,” which is about how useful severed heads can be in hilarious pranks.

Lots-o-big names in this one, including Ramsey Campbell (who did the foreword), Simon Clark, Graham Masterson, Joe Lansdale, Joe McKinney, Tom Piccirilli, Ed Gorman, Tim Lebbon, and gobs of others.


New Anthologies, Part III: Attic Toys

The only thing scary about attics is…everything! Attics suck! I dare you to go up into your attic right now. You’ll be all like “That silly Jeff Strand…this attic doesn’t scare me…there’s no danger at AAIIEEE!!! YIP YIP YIP!!!” <Chomp<Crunch>

The anthology Attic Toys, edited by Jeremy Shipp and published by Evil Jester Press, is all about bad things that can happen when you let attics and/or toys into your life. My contribution is “Inside the Boxes,” a dark comedy about a college student, his grandmother, and some reminiscing…

Other authors include Piers Anthony, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, and Gary McMahon. Available in paperback and wonderfully inexpensive e-book editions. Get it RIGHT HERE.

New Anthologies, Part II: Rage Against The Night

“Under the onslaught of supernatural evil, the acts of good people can seem insignificant, but a courageous few stand apart. These brave men and women stand up to the darkness, stare it right in the eye, and give it the finger. These are the stories of those who rage against the night, stories of triumph, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of overwhelming evil.”

That’s the concept of Rage Against the Night, a benefit anthology for Rocky Wood, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease. And when editor Shane Jiraiya Cummings asked me to contribute a reprint story where good triumphed over evil, my immediate response was….”Uhhhh, I don’t have one.”

So, instead, I wrote “Rocky Wood, Skeleton Killer.”

Certainly the idea of reading about Rocky Wood saving the world from the reanimated skeleton menace is reason enough to purchase an anthology, but if not, the book also has stories by Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jonathan Maberry, and a bunch more.

It’s a great big anthology, and in addition to the paperback there’s a Kindle edition for only $3.99, and all proceeds go to Rocky Wood. Get it RIGHT HERE.

New Anthologies, Part I: Corrupts Absolutely?

I have been a total slacker about updating this site with new short story appearances, but that stops as of today, dammit! So I’m going to start with the anthology Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler and published by Damnation Books, which contains my short story “The Origin of Slashy.”

The book is a collection of superhero stories, asking the question “If you developed superhuman powers, would you use them to save the world, or would you go all Christopher Reeve in Superman III and stop shaving and have intercourse and do bad things?”

The book is available as both a paperback and an e-book, and you can get it RIGHT HERE.

Lincoln Crisler also did virtual panel discussions for the book, with groups of 3 or 4 authors talking about issues relevant to the book. My topic, shared with Trisha Wooldridge and Ariyana Spencer, is HERE.

Other contributors: Weston Ochse, Joe McKinney, Cat Rambo, A.S. Fox, Andrew Bourelle, Anthony Laffan, Edward M. Erdelac, Jason Gehlert, Jason M. Tucker, Jeremy Hepler, Karina Fabian, Kris Ashton, Lee Mather, Malon Edwards, Tim Marquitz, Wayne Helge, Wayne Ligon, and William Todd Rose.

Lazy Literature Interview!

Lazy Literature just posted an interview with me, which the English-speaking among you can read at:

But this is a German-language website, so you can also read it auf Deutsch!

The choice is yours! Read one! Read both if you’re bilingual! Read both and learn a new language! Pop one into an online translator and see what my English answers sound like when they’ve been translated into German and then translated back into English! 


Paperback Edition of FAINT OF HEART Now Available!

At long last…well, not all THAT long, but longer than “instant gratification”…the paperback edition of my suspense novella Faint of Heart is available from Gallows Press!

(You can even click to look inside! Sweet!)

This book is much too suspenseful for you to handle, but you may have a friend or a niece who can deal with such knuckle-whitening terror, and this makes a fantastic gift. Get it from Amazon RIGHT HERE or directly from Gallows Press RIGHT HERE.

Or, if you want an expert opinion first, check out Elizabeth A. White’s review.


Stuff You Should Buy, Part I

In theory, there will be a full World Horror Convention report coming to this very website. (Spoiler Alert: I did not win a Bram Stoker Award, because I wasn’t nominated for one, but I did emcee the awards banquet. I was also on a panel with Robert McCammon, Joe Lansdale, and Sherilynn Kenyon.) But until my brain grows back, I’m just going to let you know that the excellent adventure novel Burial Ground by Michael McBride is now available as a snazzy limited edition hardcover from Thunderstorm Books.

It’s just like one of my books, except with actual research. Or, more accurately, it’s like the second half of The Mad & The Macabre. You bought The Mad & The Macabre, right? The first half of that was my novella Kutter and the second half was McBride’s novella Remains. So if you thought Remains was way better than Kutter, you’ll think Burial Ground is way better than…um, let’s say Fangboy.

Order your copy (limited to 190 of ’em, and the super mega-deluxe edition is sold out!) right HERE.

Or get the extremely inexpensive e-book edition right HERE.

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