May 30

Uncomfortably Dark interviewed me for the Icons & Legends series (or in my case, “Icons” & “Legends”). Check it out HERE

And their feature The Mort Report reviewed Deathless: “I have to say, I didn’t think Strand could match the darkness of the first book, but I was wrong.” Check out the full review HERE.

May 29

Often, the difference between cheap furniture and expensive furniture comes down to ease of assembly. This was not expensive furniture.

But the outdoor recliners are all put together now, and the back porch is a really nice, comfy area. That’s where I’m writing this, and where I’ll be writing for the rest of the day. (I’m writing at a table. Writing in the recliner is a good way to think, “Ahhhh, a nap sure sounds good right about now!”)

The mighty Lionel Ray Green did an interview with me for his website, and you can check it out HERE.

May 28

I’ve added another major project to my list, but you have to go to Necon this July to see it. I’ll be doing Necon Update, which is basically a half-hour comedy show Friday night. Do I have time for this? No, not really. Will it be a lot of fun? Hell yeah.

No, it won’t be recorded. What happens at Necon stays at Necon.

May 27

I’m back from StokerCon! Actually, I’ve been back from StokerCon for a while, but haven’t had a chance to update my blog. If you want to read the day-by-day recap of this amazing event, check out my most recent newsletter right HERE.

The fifth time was the charm. Yes, my Bram Stoker Award losing streak ended when Twentieth Anniversary Screening won in the Long Fiction category! (I have some cool plans for that book, so stay tuned…)

There’s actually lots of other cool stuff in the works, though much of it is out of my control! Here are some teasers…

  1. I wrote the screenplay adaptation for one of my books for a major Hollywood studio. (And earned my Writers Guild of America membership.)
  2. I’m waiting on major casting news for another film adaptation. If it happens, it’s massive.
  3. There are various things going on with various other movies.
  4. I’ve signed a two-book deal for a pair of middle-grade horror novels.
  5. I might be writing a comic book. Or I might not. Waiting for an answer…
  6. Working on my first-ever movie novelization. Brand-new movie…? Old movie…?
  7. I’m writing a trio of chapbooks for Death’s Head Press. This one actually isn’t a secret.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated my Appearances page, so check out all the places I’ll be this year and join me there!

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