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The first time their eyes lock, it’s an amused and sympathetic look from Alice at the next table. She can tell Nate’s blind date is going horribly awry.

The second time is a chance meeting at a grocery store. Or is it by chance? It’s a little weird, but either way, Nate and Alice hit it off immediately.

He really likes her. They have great chemistry. But there’s something a little off—okay, a lot off—about her. Not just the unexplained sadness. It’s an intense desire, almost a desperation, for things to move much faster than Nate is comfortable with.

Alice has an obvious secret. What’s she hiding?

When Nate finds out…well, nobody said this was a romantic comedy…

From the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of My Pretties and Autumn Bleeds Into Winter comes….Veiled.

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