Vacation Reading Thus Far

I’m currently on vacation in a cabin in Wisconsin. I’ve eaten quite a bit of cheese, but my primary goal was to get a lot of reading done. Thus far I’ve read…

The Big Book of Hap and Leonard by Joe Lansdale

The Complex by Brian Keene

Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones

Fletch by Gregory McDonald

Johnny Junk by Brian Knight

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

Triple Axe by Scott Cole

And I’m about a third of the way into Jimmy by William Malmborg.

All of them get my seal of approval. I did start a couple of others, but this vacation I have a zero tolerance policy for mediocre books and they were deleted from my Kindle.



Hellnotes Reviews SHARP STICK

Hellnotes has done a story by story review of A Sharp Stick In The Eye. Clearly, when one writes a tale like “Clyde the Necrophile,” they know they are destined to be called “an exquisite storyteller,” so I cannot say that I was surprised. I mean, what’s Hellnotes gonna do? Read “Clyde the Necrophile” and NOT say that I’m an exquisite storyteller?

Check out the review HERE.


Overlook Connection and Stephen King Catalog have been doing a series of collector’s edition dustjackets for Stephen King novels by legendary artist Glenn Chadbourne. (Yep–you replace the dustjacket on your hardcover copy with the new one.)

Instead of the standard blurb, the inner flaps have an essay by a guest author. You’re probably reading this now thinking, “Well, they certainly wouldn’t have asked somebody like Jeff Strand to write one of these essays, so why is he posting about this on his blog?” Well, you’re wrong! They did ask me! And I’m proud to announce……….Needful Things!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.17.56 AMIt’s a limited edition of 500. Order yours right HERE!

And my novel How You Ruined My Life was discussed in the podcast YA Dad & Daughter, in which a father and his 13-year-old daughter discuss books they’ve read together. It’s a detailed look at the book in which they heap praise upon a couple of elements that some reviewers didn’t like (the fourth-wall-breaking and jokes stretched to absurd lengths). Listen HERE.


Witch Haunt!

I was recently interviewed at The Witch Haunt! This is your opportunity to learn all of my most intimate and most horrifying secrets, like which Addams Family character is my favorite. Click HERE for the interview.

Sci-Fi And Scary thinks that you should read my novel Mandibles. I’ve spent the past forty-five minutes trying to compose a rebuttal to their review, but then I remembered that I want you to read Mandibles, too. Bask in their fine taste HERE.

P.S.: My new novel is called Bang Up. Look for it in October.



September Newsletter!

The September issue of my newsletter went out this morning. If you feel that actually subscribing is too frightening of a commitment, you can read it right HERE. In addition to all of the latest news, it has a comprehensive (?) look at the times my books were used as set dressing in movies, and the story “The Guy Who Didn’t Want To Murder Anybody With A Hammer.”



Going Quick!

The last update was that the Thunderstorm Books gourmet edition of Bring Her Back was 75% sold out…and that was NINE HOURS ago! Who knows how many copies sold overnight? If you’re taking a lackadaisical approach to this situation, just realize that they might be GONE GONE GONE by the time you click this link:


BRING HER BACK Limited Edition

The hardcover limited edition of Bring Her Back is now available from Thunderstorm Books! The print run has been increased a bit from their editions of Everything Has Teeth and Sick House, but it should still sell-out lickety-split, so don’t delay if you want one!

Cover by Frank Walls.


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