March Newsletter!

The March issue of my newsletter just went out! It’s got stuff about Everything Has Teeth and The Haunted Forest Tour, as well as how to force me to do a guest blog for you. And, as always, there’s an exclusive short story!

Check it out right HERE.




My new short story collection, Everything Has Teeth, is now available in a Kindle edition! Here’s the official write-up:

A city where people are turning gleefully insane. Inescapable blood-sucking bugs. A serial killer who may have discovered proof of alien life. A kinky proposal to “even out” an instance of infidelity. A man whose fingernails are growing at an out of control rate. Twisted new spins on the legends of John Henry and Humpty Dumpty. The all-time worst bathtub in which to bathe a child. The inconvenience of finding a dead Bigfoot in your yard.

These are only a few of the stories in Jeff Strand’s deranged new collection, which includes the brand-new novelette “The Tipping Point,” along with several other macabre tales written just for these bloody pages…

Table of contents:

“The Tipping Point”
“John Henry, The Steel Drivin’ Man”
“Fair Trade”
“The Fierce Stabbing and Subsequent Post-Death Vengeance of Scooter Brown”
“It’s Bath Time!”
“Alien Face”
“Apocalypse of the Yard Gnome”
“Dead Bigfoot on the Lawn”
“Gross-Out: The Return”
“Deformed Son”
“The Origin of Slashy”
“Secret Message (Decoded)”
“The Sentient Cherry Cola That Tried to Destroy the World”
“The Eggman Falleth”
“The Story of My First Kiss”
“Dad (A True Story)”
“Bad Bratwurst”

Get your Kindle edition right HERE!

Fort Myers B&N Tomorrow!

Hey, Fort Myers, Florida! I’ll be lurking at your Barnes & Noble tomorrow (with 14 other young adult authors!) from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.

Click HERE for the details.

B&N Event ALL authors

Aural Kumquat


Oooooh, it’s the six-CD audio version of Kumquat, read by Adam Verner! (There’s also a digital edition, of course.)

Get it here from Tantor Media!



Short Story Collection News

The publication date of my next short story collection has now become more specific: it has gone from “soon” to “next week.”

The only reason it won’t be THIS week is because I’ll be away from the internet for large chunks of time over the next several days, and I’d have a nervous breakdown if I put out a new book and couldn’t check Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to a bunch of stories I know you’ve never read, it has over 30,000 words of brand-new demented material, including a way-violent novelette called “The Tipping Point.” Plus a couple of fun little surprises.

I won’t be announcing the title or sharing the cover until Publication Day, but I assure you, the cover is very, very cool…

Ear Entertainment, Continued…

Audiobooks of Kumquat (read by Adam Verner) and Fangboy (read by Janine Haynes) are completed and will be available very soon.

Audiobooks of The Sinister Mr. Corpse (read by Jack Clancy) and Cyclops Road (read by Joe Hempel) are in production.

It’s a great time to have ears!

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