Nathan Pepper seemed like an ordinary baby…except for a mouth full of scary sharp teeth. Because his life began with his grandmother strongly recommending that he be destroyed as soon as possible, it’s safe to say that Nathan was not destined for a typical existence.

He hated the nickname “Fangboy,” but nobody could deny that he was the most frightening little boy in town. And he would have adventures of every sort. Tragic adventures, like what happened to his parents. Dangerous adventures, like his encounter with the sinister Professor Mongrel. Thrilling adventures, like the part where he’s on an out-of-control horse and he can’t make it stop running and you think “Well, he should just jump off,” but he CAN’T because it’s going too fast and he could break a leg. And, yes, one particularly gruesome adventure, though it is not described in great detail.

Will things end happily for Nathan? Will he bite somebody? Gather your family and your most deranged friends, make some chocolate chip cookies, and share the dark comedy treat of FANGBOY, a bizarre yet heartwarming yet rather tasteless saga that—all ego aside—will define a generation.

Kindle edition available HERE

Hardcover limited edition: SOLD OUT. Try eBay.

Paperback edition out of print, but returning soon(ish)…

“An adventure that has all the elements of a classic fairy tale, only told from Strand’s dark and often demented perspective.”   — The Horror Fiction Review

“Fangboy is a book that shows that Jeff Strand can be more than just a horror writer that can scare the crap out of you. This is a book that shows how talented Jeff Strand is no matter what the genre.” —  The Horror Review

“Jeff Strand made Nathan’s character so lovable, I longed to adopt him and raise him myself.  If you love a dark comedy or enjoy bizarre stories, do yourself a favor and read Fangboy.  Nathan Pepper is a character I won’t soon forget.” — Book Den


3 Responses to “Fangboy”

  1. Kyle L. Says:

    It just needs to be April so I can read my limited copy! 🙂


  2. Jim Says:

    Just finished this. Wow!

    I can’t believe you kept trying to lower our expectations; this was some really enjoyable reading.


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