Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen, everybody! I hope the Great Pumpkin brings you all of the candy you could ever want. In a cruel, cruel irony, I lost a filling today, which means that I really shouldn’t have any of the Sour Patch Kids that we’re giving out until it gets fixed. 

Expect a lot more updates as we roll into November, including some catch-up posts about the October fun!

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, yeah, it’s still two weeks away, but I like to start early.

Once again I will have to miss the Reel Terror Film Festival (making me 0-3 for this particular film festival) but it’s because I’ll be in Savannah, Georgia, hanging out with cool people including but not necessarily limited to James A. Moore, Richard Dansky, Melinda Thielbar, and Elizabeth A. White, so if I got all whiny about it I would deserve no sympathy.

The weekend after that is Spooky Empire. R.L. Stine, who we all know best from his work on Bananas magazine from 1975-1984, will be there. Also the cast and director of Cannibal Holocaust. You know you’re jealous. Unless you’re going. Then you’re probably not all that jealous.

And, of course, Rifftrax doing Birdemic! And the original Halloween in theaters!

What are your Halloween plans? 

Coming February 2013…

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