September 28

“I’ve done bad things. Terrible things. Hurt so many people I care about. My guilt is all-encompassing, and I do not deserve to experience joy.” — What I assume is viewers’ rationale for purposely choosing to watch Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS.

This tweet made some people mad, including somebody who said “Let’s admit it. Not all of your books were great, either.” That’s fine. I’m not trying to yuck anybody’s yum. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t even want to watch a good movie version of THE MUNSTERS.

Beyond that, when I’m not enraging MUNSTERS enthusiasts on social media, I’m still working on the novelization. It’s moving along nicely, though it won’t be everybody’s yum.


September 27

Work continues on the novelization!

Though I’d like to get back on the “every other week” schedule with my newsletter, which means the new issue should go out…today. But, hey, I just finished this issue’s original story (“Crunchy”) and so all I need is to write the bonus feature, which is usually a fake interview.

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September 25

It’s pouring as I write this, but fortunately the back porch has a roof, so I’m okay. At some point in the near future I’ll have to trade writing on the back porch for writing in my upstairs office with the heat on, but today is not that day!

Hey, I’m a stretch goal! My nemesis Stephen Kozeniewski has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an anthology of stories set in the world of his novel (co-written with Wile E. Young) The Perfectly Fine House. If the campaign reaches its $2000 stretch goal, I’ll be forced to write a story for it. Check it out HERE.

Work on the novelization continues to go well. My goal is to finish it before Multiverse next month, which allows me an occasional “lighter” writing day. I took advantage of that yesterday and finally watched X, which I loved. Today will NOT be a lighter writing day, so off I go…

September 24th

I didn’t draw that. That’s way better than anything I could draw.

It’s actually the rough sketch for my horror/comedy version of “Taming of the Shrew.” The comic book is a bonus perk in the Kickstarter campaign for the anthology Shakespeare Unleashed, edited by James Aquilone. This rough sketch will be transformed into beautiful art by Marco Finnegan.

The campaign is over, but you can still pre-order the anthology and the comic book! Get it HERE.

Another productive day on the novelization yesterday. Sweet.

September 23

Well, I guess it’s time to officially transition from whining that it’s too hot to whining that it’s too cold. Yep, I’m out on my back porch in a light jacket. Autumn is here!

Another productive day on the novelization yesterday. I may start throwing out some clues about which movie it is. Or I may remain annoyingly vague.

Still no update on the big news that I was supposed to hear on Monday…

September 22

Late last year I wrote about the experience of playing a dead body in the short film “Moonlight Sonata, With Scissors,” written and directed by Chris Ethridge and based on the short story by Darrell Grizzle. Having seen the film, I can say that my performance is so convincing that you’ll probably wail “Noooooooo!!! He’s really dead! What a loss! What a loss!” But I assure you, I was merely acting dead.

It’s going to start making the rounds on the film festival circuit very soon, starting with the Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio. (I’ve been to that one a couple of times, and it’s freaking awesome.) You can check out the trailer here:

Meanwhile, check out this very short interview with author Steven Stred, where I share, among other things, who I’d want to play me in the movie of my life:

Yesterday was a super duper productive day on my novelization. Will today be just as good…?

September 21

Woo-hoo! Literally Dead: Tales of Halloween Hauntings is now available! This one contains my story “Ghosts of Candies Past.” Get it HERE.

Monday was supposed to be a gigantic news day here, where I found out if __________ was moving forward….but it passed without a peep. As did Tuesday. The movie biz is cray.

I’m now hard at work on my next book, which is the novelization I’ve been teasing for a while. I’m not adapting an upcoming film, or even a recent one. What could it be….?

September 8th

Wooooo!!! It Watches in the Dark is done! So much hot giant killer scarecrow action!

Now I can get back to updating my blog on a semi-regular basis and finally send out another newsletter!

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