By Jeff Strand

No longer available on its own, but it’s included in the digital edition of Gleefully Macabre Tales.

Meet Frank, a truly reprehensible human being. An egotistical sexist morally vacant scumbag who gets off on committing armed robbery. The kind of creep whose smirk you want to rub off with razor blade-laced sandpaper.

But when he robs Gretchen at gunpoint, he’ll get a lot more than the twelve bucks in her cash register. She makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Kill her husband in exchange for sex. The problem is that her husband is hard to kill. Really hard to kill. Like, the bastard just won’t frickin’ DIE!!!

Lots of bad and occasionally disgusting things happen.

Disposal is the latest demented comedy from Jeff Strand, author of Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary), The Sinister Mr. Corpse, and other sicko stuff. He’s also the author of the critically acclaimed thriller Pressure, although Disposal isn’t much like that one.

Unlike your average obscenely overpriced hardcover limited edition novella, Disposal doesn’t try to rip you off by giving you ONE measly little foreword. Hell no. We know that you expect more from an obscenely overpriced hardcover limited edition novella, and so Disposal contains TEN extremely unpleasant and mean-spirited forewords by Michael A. Arnzen, MaryJanice Davidson, Christopher Golden, Rick Hautala, Brian Keene, Gregory Lamberson, Mark McLaughlin, James A. Moore, James Newman and more*!!!

So get ready to spend some quality time with an absolute sleazebucket. Disposal. It could very well be the finest tale you’ll read all year. If not, you’ll get over it.

*J.A. Konrath


Published by Biting Dog Press. Cover and interior illustrations by the lovely and talented Keith Minnion. Limited edition hardcover–only 400 signed/numbered copies were available!


“Quickly spirals into the sort of frenzied chaos that marks Strand at his best. The events unfold with the same sort of insane speed that you get from watching Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD movies.”

The Dark Library

“A dark comedy so smartly funny that laughing through bodily mutilation is your only option. The author knows how to work the reader, never jolting you out of your suspension of disbelief, no matter how outrageous and over the top the plot gets.”

SF Reader

“Disposal is sure to please with Strand’s trademark unsettling brand of humor. His writing is rough and disturbing and this book is unquestionably a no-holds-barred roller-coaster ride that is sure to cross a few lines, but I’m here to tell you that it is well worth the price of admission

Horror World

“The prose flows with ease and the plot takes many twists, reinventing itself every few pages. The overwhelming strength of the book is Strand’s creativity and playfulness with the story. If this book does not thrill you or make you laugh at least once, you have no business reading horror fiction.”
Literary Strange Digest

“In Disposal, Jeff Strand proves once again why he’s the king of comedic horror, with a story so unrelentingly surprising and unflinchingly nasty that there’s something entertaining to be found on every single page. This is a funny — painfully funny — read, dripping with pitch black humor and lots of light literary wit.”

Michael Arnzen, author of LICKER and PLAY DEAD


4 Responses to “Disposal”

  1. Jim Says:


    Just nabbed a copy — #399 to be precise.

    I know, this story is included in the deliciously dark and rediculously underpriced ebook, “Gleefully Macabre Tales.” I read it, in of all places the courthouse waiting to be called for a jury.

    But something about this book called to me. And, when I unwrap it on Christmas morning, it’ll be a gift I’m sure won’t need returned.


  2. Jim Says:


    The book was waiting on the front step when I got home. I took a quick peek before I hid it in one of the “to be wrapped” spots, but I was completely unprepared for just how good looking it would be. The picture above simply doesn’t do the cover justice (and the blood splatters inside are a nice touch.)

    A nice presentation for an equally amazing tale. I can hardly wait to read it again.


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