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Mindy Has To Die – Day One


Oooooh, it’s the first shot of Mindy Has To Die, which started filming this morning in Belfast. Who is Robert Render looking at? Why doesn’t be seem to be in a jolly mood?

For spoilers, feel free to read Stalking You Now.

The Geeked Life!

The Geeked Life podcast is usually for reviews and discussions of geeky pop culture stuff, but this episode has their first interview! (With me. That’s why I’m sharing it.)

Listen HERE!



Blister Available NOW!

The day has arrived! The Kindle edition of my novel Blister is finally available!

You can get it right HERE.



Slush Pile Heroes Interview

The lovely and talented Patrick Freivald just interviewed me for Slush Pile Heroes. Is there anything I won’t write about? Is ketchup okay on hot dogs? Find out by reading the interview HERE!


Double Dose of Script Reads

Feature films based on my books Cold Dead Hands and Stalking You Now (called Mindy Has To Die for the movie version) are both in pre-production. Coincidentally, both of them had script readings within a couple of days of each other. Look at these merry people!



Time Grows Short…

This is it! The last day to pre-order the hardcover limited edition of my novel Blister. If you miss out, you’ll either have to pay millions of dollars on the secondary market, or make do with the Kindle or paperback editions, like some sort of bumpkin.

Reserve YOUR copy from Sinister Grin Press.

Blister Blurb

With Blister, Jeff Strand balances horror with beauty and finds that most rarest thing of all: love. Impossible to put down, rich with character and humor, Blister explodes off the page. Quite simply: it rocks.”

Peter Adam Salomon, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of All Those Broken Angels

The hardcover limited edition is available for pre-order until June 15th from Sinister Grin Press!

Eight (Seven) Slices of Pi

In this exciting interview on Sam W. Anderson’s website, I skipped a question and thus totally dorked up the theme of the whole interview series, which was “Eight Slices of Pi.” Enjoy!



The feature film adaptation of Stalking You Now (called Mindy Has To Die) goes before the cameras soon in Belfast, Ireland. Here’s the cast!

ROBERT RENDER as…the stalker!


GRIFFIN MADILL as…the stalkee!


And HOLLY GREIG as…Mindy!


So if you re-read Stalking You Now, make sure you imagine all of the characters having Irish accents.

Written and directed by George Clarke. Obviously, lots o’ updates are on the way…

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