A Bunch of VOODOO Blog Reviews!

So, this summer I had this book called A Bad Day For Voodoo published. I probably told you about it. To help promote it, Sourcebooks sent the book (along with various goofy guest blogs) to a bunch of Young Adult Fiction bloggers. Reviews have been posted all summer, and now, in the glorious spirit of procrastination, I am finally posting links to all of the blogs that reviewed it. And also some non-blog reviews, like Publishers Weekly and Horror World. 

This is not a hand-picked selection of reviews, so though I’m thrilled that the vast majority of reviewers loved the book, if you click around you’ll also find the occasional “WTF was that?!?” review. Honestly, if you don’t check out every single link below, you really can’t make an informed decision about whether A Bad Day For Voodoo is right for you, and all of these blogs deserve your traffic, so click, click, click!


Book Bite Reviews
Book Loving Mom
Booklist Online
Books and Other Stuff
Books by Pamela Thompson
City Book Review
Collings Notes
Dear Author
Drey’s Library
Elizabeth A. White
Fresh Ink
Gabby Reads
Horror Fiction Review
Horror World
I Devour Books
Jelly Loves Books
Junior Library Guild Shelf Life
Kayla’s Reads and Reviews
Leisure Reads
Letters Inside Out
No More Grumpy Bookseller
Once Upon a Twilight
Out of the Blue
Panda Reads
Publishers Weekly
Slaying Books
The Alternative
The Book Babe
The Book Goddess
The Book Monsters
The Book Slayer
The Horror Review
The O.W.L. 
The Reading Diaries
The Unread Reader
Verb Vixen
Winfield Library YA Corner
YA Book Reads
YA Books Beyond the Cover
Willa’s Ramblings

Facebook Fan Page!

Y’know, it always seemed insanely egotistical to set up a fan page for myself on Facebook. But then Goodreads set up their author program, where you can link your Facebook fan page to all of your titles, so I figured…hey, I’ll be insanely egotistical!

C’mon over to http://www.facebook.com/JeffStrandAuthorFanPage and click that “Like” button! 


Elements of Crime

The German website Elements of Crime just posted an interview with me. Mostly Andrew Mayhem stuff, because so far my Andrew Mayhem novels are the only ones available in German-language versions. (However, if you read the interview, you’ll see which of my other novels will be available very soon Auf Deutsch!)

The interview is in German, but they’ve also included a handy “English Version” button. Read them both! It’s educational!

Check it out RIGHT HERE!

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