Cheap Parasites

Benjamin’s Parasite is still one of my favorites of my own books. It’s certainly the grossest. If you don’t like disgusting books, I’ve written other novels that are better suited to your elegant tastes, but if you DO…hey, great news, the Kindle edition of Benjamin’s Parasite is on sale for 99 cents this week!

99 cents! If you wanted to acquire your own parasite by eating a taco that had been lying out in the sun all day, you couldn’t do it for 99 cents. What a deal!

Get your copy HERE.


3 Responses to “Cheap Parasites”

  1. Muriel Says:

    I personally thought the ending was a little too … mainstream, but then endings are hard, I know, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest. So much so that I wouldn’t even waste one single thought on regretting having paid more than 99 cents. A lot more, actually, come to think of it. And the ending really wasn’t all that perfect. And still. I think it might have cost me, I don’t know, five dollars or something. Wow. I could have gotten one of those really good Starbucks carrot cakes for that and STILL read Benjamin’s Parasite if I’d just waited.


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