FAINT OF HEART Is Free, Free, Free!!!

But if you need more coercion to download a $0.00 (until February 4th) novella, check out this review from Elizabeth A. White:


6 Responses to “FAINT OF HEART Is Free, Free, Free!!!”

  1. Christine Says:

    I downloaded and just finished reading it. Fantastic story, new fan here.


  2. Jim Says:

    After having read it, I can say it’s worth five times what you’re asking for it! And then, to get the All-Purpose Monkey seal of approval just makes it worth that much more. I got a second copy for my wife. She’ll read, and she’ll understand, and she will be one of us.


  3. Rabid Says:

    Schweet. Got my copy. I must take the proverbial chainsaw to my to-be-read pile so I get to this one.


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