Dead Clown Barbecue Expansion Pack!

Did you read Dead Clown Barbecue but you’re still not full? Now you can get the eight-story Dead Clown Barbecue Expansion Pack for only 99 cents!

It includes the first-ever appearance of “Gave Up The Ghost” (now a 20-minute short film directed by Gregory Lamberson, to be part of the horror anthology film Creepers) but it also includes:

“The Car”

“The Loneliest Jackalope”

“Inside the Boxes”

“A Bit of Christmas Mayhem”

“Scrumptious Bone Bread”

“A Flawed Fantasy”

“Tin Cans”

21,000 words’ worth of material for a buck! Get it RIGHT HERE


2 Responses to “Dead Clown Barbecue Expansion Pack!”

  1. Shadow Girl Says:

    Reblogged this on Becki's Book Blog and commented:
    “I’m doing this because I’m insane. Doesn’t my mad cackle make me sound insane?”
    ― Jeff Strand, Dead Clown Barbecue

    An EXPANSION PACK for Dead Clown Barbecue is great news!! Then, to see that it’s only 99¢… SaaWEET! Check out Jeff’s post to see how much you’re getting for a buck, it feels like stealing…


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