Star In Your Own Story!

Time is running out to bid on an auction to be the star of your own story!

I’ll write you as the star of a flash fiction (1000-1500 words) story. Your friends, family, and pets can be in it, too. Before I start, we’ll exchange a couple of e-mails to figure out what tone you’d prefer, though this is unlikely to be a story with high literary merit. The assumption is that this story will be pretty ridiculous…but, hey, you’re the boss! You will receive a signed printout of the completed piece, and get all rights to do with the story as you wish. It’s yours! Story will be delivered no more than three weeks after the auction ends.

Proceeds benefit the Wordier Than Thou bookstore.

Bidding ends at 12:00 PM on May 20th.

Click HERE for the details.


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