Back Home…

Yep, I’m back home after a crazy month that included the World Horror Convention, StokerCon, and Dayton Hamvention (where I accepted a posthumous Hall of Fame award for my dad’s achievements in the world of amateur radio). I’ve got a signing at Barnes & Noble on June 10th, and I’ll be at the American Library Association Conference June 24-27, but for the most part my events are done for a while.

I finished my latest young adult novel yesterday in an airport. I owe about eight short stories right now, but for the first time in a while I don’t have any novel deadlines. Of course, I’m leaping right into a new book and plan to acquire some new stress-inducing deadlines in the near future.

I’ve got “promising but not remotely guaranteed” news on The Odyssey of Harriett. Keep watching this space.

Casting is almost finalized for Mindy Has To Die which is the feature film adaptation of Stalking You Now. It’ll be shooting ridiculously soon in Belfast, Ireland. Updates as I get ’em.

Lots going on behind the scenes of the feature film version of Cold Dead Hands, which will be shooting soon but not ridiculously soon. My comments on Lynne Hansen’s screenplay are generally worthless, but at least I did my tiny little part.

Expect (no, demand!!!) daily blog updates for the next few weeks, at least.




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