I usually suck at guessing big plot twists in movies. Even if the Internet is collectively giving itself a smug pat on the back over the ease with which it predicted a twist before the coming attractions were even over, I’m usually surprised. I didn’t see the twist in The Village coming, even though the movie is so bad that I spent the whole time thinking, “C’mon, get to the twist so we can end this and go home!”

But last night I watched [TITLE REDACTED] and guessed the twist at the first clue, about five minutes in. I’m not going to tell you which movie it was, because knowing that there’s a twist might spoil it for you. All I want to do is bask in the fact that in this one instance, I was ahead of the filmmakers. Ha!!!



4 Responses to “Twisting”

  1. Muriel Says:

    Was it The Happening? If it was The Happening, I might have to dampen the mood a little…


  2. jeffstrand Says:



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