May 27th

Lots of cool stuff happening behind the scenes that I can’t blab about yet, but I’ll say that the movie rights to not one, not two, but three of my books have been spoken for in the past couple of weeks. This does not mean that large checks have been deposited into my bank account, or that we’re anywhere close to an actual motion picture yet, but three more books have now taken that first step.

The Considering Stories weekly series of in-depth (yet very light on the spoilers) essays on my books continued with Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”) the fourth and most recent Andrew Mayhem novel…but not for long! I mean, it’ll always be the fourth, but its status as “most recent” will vanish next month. Expect some Mayhem-related news very soon. Check out the essay HERE.

I finished up a story called “Devil-Powered Death Train of Doom” and sent it off to the editor of the anthology for which it was solicited. I asked him in advance if “extremely silly” was okay, and he said yes, but I dunno, this one might make his head explode. We’ll see if I get a “WTF, Jeff????????” response.


One Response to “May 27th”

  1. Susan Renee Says:

    Jeff you ALWAYS get a WTF response from us your loyal fans and thats why we follow you We love the crazy insane way your mind works


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