Happy 2018!

It’s 2018! Holy crap, we made it!

For those keeping track, 2017 brought a new YA novel (Stranger Things Have Happened), a short story collection (Everything Has Teeth), a novella (An Apocalypse of Our Own) and a few individual short stories.

That’s not enough, dammit!

For 2018, I’ve announced a new adult horror novel (Sick House, January) and another YA comedy (How You Ruined My Life, April). But there’ll be more. Lots more. Stay tuned!




SICK HOUSE Teaser #3 of 3…


SICK HOUSE Teaser #2 of 3…


SICK HOUSE Teaser #1

My new horror novel, Sick House, comes out next month. Here’s the first of three teaser covers…


20 Questions With Boundless Book Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews has posted a 20-question interview with me. They’re short questions and short answers, so it’ll only take a couple of minutes out of your busy day!


Everything Has Teeth Deluxe Edition

Thunderstorm Books has just published the hardcover edition of Everything Has Teeth. This is an extremely limited run (only 64 copies!) so if you’re into the high-end collectibles, get this one quickly before they’re gone!

Order HERE.


October Newsletter

If you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter, you can access the October issue (and all of the previous issues) right HERE.

As always, each issue contains a brand new exclusive short story!

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