June 17

Hopefully I’ll get back to more frequent updates! I’ve been busy locking in the final edited version of Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go) and also starting my next novel. One chapter down! Woo-hoo!

If you haven’t read the other four Andrew Mayhem novels or you have and don’t remember squat about them, don’t worry, the fifth book brings you up to speed pretty quickly. But if you want to start from the beginning, the Kindle edition of Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) is only 99 cents for the next few days!

Get it HERE.

The Kindle edition of Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go) comes out on Tuesday. You can pre-order it HERE. The paperback edition, which you cannot pre-order, shouldn’t be out TOO much later than that.



Mayhem Is Back!

Mayhem Paperbacks

Ooooooh! It’s brand-new paperback editions of the first three Andrew Mayhem novels (new covers by Lynne Hansen), and the very first print edition of Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”). Get ’em right HERE!

And what’s that on the right? By golly, the Kindle edition of the long-awaited fifth book, Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go) is up for pre-order! Available June 23rd! Get it HERE!


May 27th

Lots of cool stuff happening behind the scenes that I can’t blab about yet, but I’ll say that the movie rights to not one, not two, but three of my books have been spoken for in the past couple of weeks. This does not mean that large checks have been deposited into my bank account, or that we’re anywhere close to an actual motion picture yet, but three more books have now taken that first step.

The Considering Stories weekly series of in-depth (yet very light on the spoilers) essays on my books continued with Lost Homicidal Maniac (Answers to “Shirley”) the fourth and most recent Andrew Mayhem novel…but not for long! I mean, it’ll always be the fourth, but its status as “most recent” will vanish next month. Expect some Mayhem-related news very soon. Check out the essay HERE.

I finished up a story called “Devil-Powered Death Train of Doom” and sent it off to the editor of the anthology for which it was solicited. I asked him in advance if “extremely silly” was okay, and he said yes, but I dunno, this one might make his head explode. We’ll see if I get a “WTF, Jeff????????” response.


May 18th

Whoa! I actually got out of the house this weekend! The Plaza Theater in Atlanta has converted its parking lot into a makeshift contact-free drive-in theater, so we went to see Clue. Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum wouldn’t fare well in the MeToo era.

The weekly look at one of my books at Considering Stories continues this week with Casket For Sale (Only Used Once). Check it out HERE.


My story “Green Suits” appears in Issue #7 of Forbidden Futures, which is available online for free! It’s not for the kiddies. Read it HERE and use the password “taboopresent” if prompted.

The audiobook version of Allison is now available, read by Sara Morsey! Get it right HERE!


Y’know, I have an unofficial fan group on Facebook! If you feel that there is a sufficient amount of Jeff Strand in your life right now, you should skip it, but if you want a smidgen more, it’s right HERE.

The official title of the fifth Andrew Mayhem book is now Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go). 

May 13th

…and Scares That Care joins the list of conventions that have been cancelled. This one was pretty much inevitable (horror conventions taking place before and after it had already gone bye-bye) and again it falls into the category of “very disappointing but the right choice.”

The Odds is now available in paperback! Get it HERE.

And the audiobook of Allison, read by Sara Morsey, is now available! Put those Audible credits to good use! Get it HERE.


And the Considering Stories series continues, this time with a look at the second Andrew Mayhem novel, Single White Psychopath Seeks Same. Check it out HERE.

Work on the fifth Andrew Mayhem novel continues. Oh, man, he’s in some deep doody at the moment…


May 7th

Considering Stories continues their book-a-week look at my work with an essay on Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary). They’re going to cover the entire series, so if you’re waiting for the upcoming fifth book but don’t want to refresh your memory by re-reading the first four because your time is too valuable, this might be a good way to get back into the world of Andrew Mayhem.

Check it out HERE.

The fifth book is going well (for me, not Andrew). 18% done.


Let Me Eat Cake

Whoa! My wife made me TWO cakes!

April 29

Work begins on the fifth Andrew Mayhem novel…

Sinister Friends

I live close to Brian Kirk, author of Will Haunt You and We Are Monsters. Today I got a message from him saying that he’d left a package on my doorstep.


Uh-oh. What might be inside…?



Fortunately, Brian told me about the prank before I got the package, keeping it in the realm of “fun” instead of “Oh, crap, I have a stalker fan who read The Odds and is taking it too far.” But if YOU enjoy the work of horror authors who leave severed hands on the front doorsteps of their friends, definitely check out his weird-ass books.

THE ODDS Available Now!


My latest novel, The Odds, is now available in a Kindle edition. (Paperback coming soon.) You can get it right HERE.

After a disastrous evening playing slot machines, Ethan Caustin wonders how he’s going to explain his massive loss to his wife and kids. As he tries to find his way out of the casino, sick to his stomach and filled with self-loathing, he’s approached by a stranger who offers a solution to his problem.

It’s a simple game. A 99% chance for him to win ten thousand dollars. In the remote chance that he loses…well, he’ll be strapped into a device that shatters his left arm.

The odds are very much in his favor. But this is only the first round.

As the game goes on, the prizes and penalties keep changing, along with his chances of winning. As the high stakes get out of control and Ethan desperately wants to quit, he’ll learn that they’ve only offered him one means of escape: play the game to the very end…


Meanwhile, the April issue of my newsletter went out this morning, with the brand-new story “The Soupville Stabber Practices Social Distancing.” Check it out HERE.



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