Cold Dead Hands Available Now!

Cold Dead Hands Book Cover Final

Yes, my novella Cold Dead Hands is available now in a Kindle edition! A vicious attack on a grocery store has turned into a hostage situation. But things are much worse for the ten people hiding in the walk-in freezer…



November 11

Here’s the official cover for Cold Dead Hands (by Lynne Hansen). Expect the Kindle edition of the book this week!

Cold Dead Hands Book Cover Final


November 10

Coming very, very soon…

Cold Dead Hands Teaser

November 9

I’ve been a slacker with the updates, and I’d offer profuse apologies if anybody actually read these.

Anyway, I’m 25,000 words into Ferocious, but I’ve decided that the scope needs to be expanded, which means that it’s going to be one of my longer books.

I turned in my novella Cold Dead Hands nearly three years ago. Cemetery Dance has given me permission to publish the e-book edition ahead of their hardcover edition, so you can probably expect it…next week!!! Whoa!!! New book already!!!

I thought I was going to get to share some cool news, but it turns out that I’m not allowed to be a squealer yet. In fact, I may be gagged for quite a while. Meanwhile, I’ve got other similarly cool news, and I can’t talk about that, either. Let’s just say that there’s stuff happening behind the scenes. Cool stuff.

November 2

Happy November!

We celebrated Halloween with…sushi. Conveyer belt sushi, where the selections travel around the restaurant and you grab small plates as something catches your eye. You can also order from the digital menu and a second conveyer belt will transport it right to your table. We had a place like this in Tampa, but there was no variety on the belt and, it seemed, little turnover. (You could order off the menu and have a server bring it to you, primitive-style, but that sort of defeated the purpose.) The Atlanta one has a large variety of stuff traveling on the conveyer belt and the sushi is quite good.

Halloween continued November 1st with the launch party for the Atlanta branch of the Horror Writers Association. We’ve had a few monthly meetings, but this was an event designed to attract potential new members. I was on a panel about Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing, though as a hybrid author I don’t have an obnoxious stance for either side.

Today I wrote my story for the next newsletter, “Corky & Sporky.” I’m proud to say that it is one of the dumbest things you will ever read.

October 30

1000 words on Ferocious today, though some of them may not survive the next edit. It may be too much of a lull in the action; I’ll review for that after I finish the chapter.

Not to brag or make you jealous, but today was…laundry day! Since we don’t have a washer or dryer, I get to go to the Laundromat, where all of your dreams come true. I’m fortunate enough to be able to set my own schedule, so I don’t have to fight people for a machine, but if my ego ever gets out of control, this is a regular method of squashing it.

The TV there is often playing Matlock. I don’t watch it, but I can hear it, and I’m amused every single time by the way the goofy exit-to-commercial music is completely at odds with whatever dramatic revelation has just happened. Admittedly, the mood will be spoiled anyway when the catheter commercial comes on, but why not a dramatic musical sting to give us a couple more seconds in Matlock’s world of danger and intrigue? The show ended in 1995, so I guess my suggestion won’t be incorporated, but I just figured I’d throw it out there anyway.


October 29

Put Ferocious aside for today to finish up the short story that’s due on Halloween. And, 3000+ words later, “The Last Thing You Want To Be” is done. (What’s the last thing you want to be? You don’t want to know.)

And I voted. It was an electronic touch screen, so voting was like a video game with real-life high stakes consequences.

Waiting on paperwork for something pretty cool (though in the very, very, very early stages). Not sure how much I’ll be able to blab about it, but I’ll blab as much as I am able.

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