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Kumquat600x900Welcome to my website! Whether you were brought here by interest in my work or a Google search gone terribly wrong, I encourage you to hang around and start clicking away!

My new novel, Kumquat, is now available! Get the Kindle edition or the print edition from Amazon!

My new young adult comedy, I Have A Bad Feeling About This, is now available at the brick-and-mortar bookstore or online retailer of your choice! Being a young adult is not a requirement to read the book.

My second short story collection, Dead Clown Barbecue, is now available! Twenty-nine stories! 90,000 words of material! Get the Kindle edition for $3.99 or the paperback/deluxe hardcover editions from Dark Regions Press.

My novella Kutter is now available for your Kindle or Kindle app. Enjoy the delightful tale of a serial killer and his Boston terrier from Amazon.

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Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading!

Here’s an article about the Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading, which is October 25th in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lots of people way more famous than me (R.L. Stine, Debbie Macomber, Carl Hiassen, Aasif Mandvi) will be there. But I’ll be there, too, talking about and signing I Have A Bad Feeling About This. 

What would be really great is if I were standing there, chatting with R.L. Stine, and somebody came up to me and said, “Oh my God! You’re Jeff Strand! You’re the guy who presented R.L. Stine’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the last Bram Stoker Awards banquet! What an honor to meet you!” That’s not mandatory for any of you who attend, though.

Check out the article here: http://www.tampabay.com/features/books/times-festival-of-reading-to-feature-hiaasen-macomber-mandvi-stine/2197014

October Appearances!

I’ve finally updated my Appearances page with my October events. Mostly Florida, yeah, but there’s an Alabama one in there, too!

October 1, 2014. DOOMSAYERSSt. Petersburg, Florida. Studio 620. 7:00 PM. Authors reading stories about the end of the world! I’ll be reading “The Apocalypse Ain’t So bad.”

October 12, 2014. WORLD PREMIERE – CREEPERS.  Mobile, Alabama. Crescent Theater. 8:00 PM. It’s the world premiere of Creepers, the horror anthology film that includes “Gave Up The Ghost.”

October 19, 2014. HALLOWEEN HORROR PICTURE SHOWTampa, Florida. Tampa Pitcher Show. 12:00 Noon. I’ve gone to every single year of this film festival, but this year will be extra cool because they’ll be screening “Gave Up The Ghost!” It will also the world premiere of Lynne Hansen‘s “Chomp,” where I did lots of grunt work.

October 24 & 26, 2014. SPOOKY EMPIRE WEEKENDOrlando, Florida. I won’t be there as an author, but I will be there! Only Friday and Sunday, though. (See below.)

October 25, 2014. TAMPA BAY TIMES FESTIVAL OF READINGI’ll be there to babble about I Have a Bad Feeling About This.

A Bit More WOLF HUNT 2 Stuff

Wolf Hunt 2 Frank Walls Wraparound













Oooooh, here’s Frank Walls’ full artwork for the wraparound cover for Wolf Hunt 2. 

Wolf Hunt 2 goes up for pre-order on October 14th from Dark Regions Press. The book will be available in four different versions.

  • A deluxe hardcover edition, limited to 300 copies.
  • A super-deluxe hardcover lettered edition, limited to 26 copies.
  • A trade paperback edition, limited only by your willingness to buy copies.
  • An e-book edition with a different cover.

The hardcover editions will contain three interior illustrations, also by Frank Walls, and a bonus story. The print editions should ship not TOO long after pre-orders begin (I’ll have a more specific date before you actually add anything to any online shopping carts) and the digital edition will be out before the clock strikes 2015.

Here’s the back cover copy:

George and Lou used to be thugs for hire. Now they’re living in a shack in Costa Rica, hiding from the crime lord who wants them dead. Their last job, to deliver him a werewolf in a cage, went…badly.

But they can’t hide out forever, and when they’re finally captured, it seems as if George and Lou’s ultimate fate will involve being doused in gasoline and set aflame. Instead, they’re given a second chance. There’s another werewolf out there. This time, it’s Ally, a fourteen-year-old girl.

Kidnapping a teenaged girl is a major conflict with George and Lou’s moral code, but they also aren’t fans of being brutally executed, so they agree to the job. After all, the crime lord doesn’t want to kill Ally–he just wants her to bite him. They’ll snatch her, deliver her as promised, and then do everything they can to return her home safely. She doesn’t even know she’s a werewolf; it’s not as if she’ll create any complications by transforming.

Of course, this is George and Lou, so there are many, many complications.

The worst of which is that they’ve now enraged three other extremely nasty werewolves…



Kindle Daily Deal!

Woo-hoo! I Have a Bad Feeling About This is the Kindle Daily Deal today! Get it for $1.99!

Click HERE

My Fake New Novel!

Yesterday on Facebook and Twitter I posted the cover to my fake new novel. I’d post it here, but it’s funnier in context, so head on over to Brian Keene’s blog and check out his new book announcement!


Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

Dan at Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog embarked on a 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited, where for that month he read nothing but the available titles, calculated how much he was saving, and reported on each book. During this experiment, he picked four of my books: Wolf Hunt, Stalking You Now, Kutter, and Kumquat. 

Check out his series of blog posts RIGHT HERE


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