THE MONSTER’S CORNER Multi-City Book Launch

The Monster’s Corner, an anthology of stories from the monster’s point of view (and including my own tale “Specimen 313,” which those of you in the United States can download absolutely FREE right here), goes on sale September 27th, and to celebrate, I’ll be doing a booksigning at…

Barnes & Noble  # 2767
11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618

Don’t live in Florida but want to be part of the fun? There are going to be signings all over the country, so if you can’t make it to mine, keep watching this space for more updates!


13 Responses to “THE MONSTER’S CORNER Multi-City Book Launch”

  1. Kyle L. Says:

    I see nothing about Seattle, WA. I am extremely saddened by this…


  2. Deanne W. Says:

    aww man…No Illinois or Wisconsin 😦


  3. Jim Says:

    Well played, sir, well played! But I’m afraid I don’t dissuade that easily.

    First, you coax me into pre-ordering the book months in advance (I did.)

    Then, just in case I didn’t take the bait, you convince the publisher to release your story for free in electronic format, knowing what a Kindle addict I am (I did.) Oh, sure, they released a second story to make it look like it wasn’t part of your fiendish plotting, but I didn’t fall for that subterfuge.

    Finally, you announce the signing will be held on the night the book comes out, knowing that BN.COM won’t have my copy to me in time to bring it to you for a signature. But that proved to be nothing but a speed bump on my road to the signing, one easily navigated around.

    No sir, I’m afraid that despite your best attempts, I have every intention of being there.

    It looks like there will be no way to avoid me, unless you plan on filing ANOTHER restraining order. But even those are only good if the law is there to enforce it.

    In the words of Annie Wilkes, “I’m your biggest fan…”


  4. Kyle Says:

    LOL! Jim, you are my hero man. I did the same, have the book on Amazon order, have the story on the Kindle and read it already, but at least you get some Jeff too, you lucky fan you.

    Kinda off topic (ok, very), but since the Keenedom forums are no more, my email is if you ever want to chat Jim, or let me know how things are progressing with the little one, I’d love to keep in contact still!


    • Jim Says:

      I’m glad you left the email. Somehow I managed to NOT save you to my contact list during our book transaction, and have been kicking myself for it. [I meant to PM you but the forums disappeared somewhat abruptly.] I’ll add you to my update group and forward you the last bulletin — the news has all been good lately, bordering on awesome.

      [Jeff, I *DID* save the email address this time, if you would feel more comfortable editing it out. Sorry for the hijack!]


  5. Tim Says:

    Oh Snap! Now Mr. Strand may have to deal with my crazy ass for a few minutes! I’m bringing my partially read and burnt copies of Pressure and Graverobbers to be signed as well…I can’t wait.

    P.S. Hopefully my wife will let me go 😦


  6. Jim Says:

    Just occurred to me, how did you get them to let you back in after the last time?


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